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Masque Quintessence

The ultimate weapon for desperate hair

This exceptional mask, based on CupuaƧu Oil and Manketti oil offers a amazing action: it has an incredible hydrating power and retains water that is absorbed very slowly and provides a time-release effect that moisturizes the hair fibers.

It counteracts the trauma that sophisticated processes such as bleaching, highlighting, straightening, and perming... can cause to the hair, as well as natural damage induced by passing time.

An incredibly compensating formula, MASQUE QUINTESSENCE is the "last resort" for very damaged, weakened or dehydrated hair. Its nourishing nectar revitalizes regenerates and repairs the most damaged hair. This mask instantly offers hair new shine, softness and manageability.

Apply Masque Quintessence sparingly to dry hair before shampooing if your hair is very dry, or use on damp hair afterwards. Work thoroughly into hair lengths, strand by strand. Leave on for 10 to 20 minutes ideally, then rinse off, combing through hair during rinsing.

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