14 October 2020

The Greyl Family’s Secret Beauty

Discover the Secret Beauty Oil,a haute couture oil for body and hair… Why choose l’Huile Secret de Beauté? Ideal for hydrating the hair and the body […]
14 October 2020

Hair Oils: instructions for use

Discover the advice of the Leonor Greyl Instituteto understand why and how to apply their oils. What is an oil for? The hair oil prepares the […]
14 October 2020

Crème aux Fleurs, Ally of Dry Hair and Sensitive Scalps

The Leonor Greyl Institute offers advice on applying the Crème aux Fleurs, a great color protector, combined with dry hair and sensitive scalps What are the […]
14 October 2020

Choosing the Right Shampoo and Treatment Ritual

We choose our shampoo according to the condition of our scalp, and our mask according to that of our lengths. A simple and essential principale for […]
13 October 2020

Choose your Sublimating Oil

Whether it’s to preserve hair color, to protect hair from external aggressions, to protect it or even to hydrate the skin. Oils have always been at […]
13 October 2020

Choose the Correct Styling Product

Leonor Greyl has created a range of stylingproducts all from the same concept: Treatment. They’re silicone free so as to not suffocate the hair. What are […]
13 October 2020

Choose Your Beautifying Cleansing Treatment

Innovative, practical, with instant results, cleansing treatments have been created to respond to specific scalp problems. For all hair types, even the most difficult, Leonor Greyl […]
13 October 2020

Choose a Shampoo or Bath

Whether your hair is fine or thick, dry or oily, normal or colored, dry or devitalized, select the specific shampoos that match your hair’s nature. They thus meet […]
13 October 2020

Choose a Repigmenting Treatment

Leonor Greyl has used all its expertise in treatment products and coloring techniques to create a range of Repigmenting Treatments.In association with Stéphane Pous, renowned colorist, […]


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